Three Cups of Tea

I started reading Three Cups of Tea about 2 weeks ago but barely finished first 40 pages. This is the story of Greg Mortenson, an American, who grew up in Tanzania and now lives in northern Pakistan building schools for kids. It is a great story. He was trying to climb K2, the most feared and second highest mountain in the world and after failing to summit it he got lost on his way back and after help of some porters he reached a remote village called Korphe. People there took care of him and he wanted to do something back for them so he went and started building school for them. That is all I have gathered so far but an amazing story and very inspiring.

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Somebody send a picture today about the “WOW” campaign and then I found another WOW campaign poster on the bus stop in DC 🙂

Washington DC: Art Museum

This was by far the must fun part of this visit. I got to see actual paintings by Money, Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh etc. I wish I had more time and did not have to lug around my laptop. Security system there is interesting. They made me checkin the laptop bag but made me take out laptop and lug it around. Anyway but it was worth it. I wondered into this building because there was a huge poster saying that there are Rembrandt paintings in there.

But I am happy that I can say, I stood in front of the canvas that once De Vinci stood in front of 🙂

The building itself is very beautiful. It reminds me of old roman architecture with huge columns and domes etc.

There was this guy making a copy of another painting.

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Washington DC: Random Stuff

Washington DC: Washington Memorial


Washington DC: Statues

General Grant and others I don?t know!

Washington DC: White House