Mt St Helens


Furniture Rearrangement

Was busy last few days with lot of things happening at work. Today is Sunday and spend first half at work. Worked on my review as well some code samples but after that came home. Radha had cooked great lunch with “Khima” and “Fish Cutlets”. Loved it! After lunch, watched a movie called “Calendar girl” it is like Full Monty but with girls. Radha slept 15 minutes in the movie but i watched it (as usual). It was OK 🙂 I thought full monty was funnier. After the movie, spent time on net searching and reading about ancient India. Chandragupta Maurya and Alexander the Great. I have decided to spend next few months reading books on this subject. This started with me just spotting a book on Alexander the Great on KCLS shelve that apparently has been used by Oliver Stone for his movie. Started reading this book and it is fascinating to read about the best general this world has seen. Two things to remember story about Roman Emperor who said I wanted to see Kings not Corpses when he was asked if he wanted to see Ptoelemy’s sarcophagus after seeing Alexander’s in Rome. Other one happened after Persian king “Darious III” offered Alexander a truse in which he would get land till Euphrates and Parmenion (One of the generals of alexander) said “If I were Alexander, I would accept this and win the war without any more bloodshed”. “So would I” replied Alexander “If i were Parmenion”. Looking forward to read when Alexander crosses Indus (BTW is Indus same as Sindhu?) I am not sure. need to find out! Got up in the evening and then started working on rearrangement of furniture in the bed room. Now crib is closer to bed, lets see how that feels 🙂


Walking up the hill
watching the sun rise
say to me I am a dreamer

cloudy rainy sky
Big raindrops
say to me I am a dreamer
hearing my sweetheart
kissing her light
whisper I am a dreamer

shadows in the dark
rhythm of my heart
tell me, I am a dreamer

simple little laugh
slap on my back
I am a dreamer

waves splashing water
ringing soft guitar
sing to me, I am a dreamer


deserted beaches & long trail of feet
Lost people with no signs on street
Dying lovers & closing doors
smiling faces hiding dry tears
cunning smiles & ugly games
mountain of feeling with burning flames
rustling leaves & burning sun
innocent blood on crazy gun
cruel hearts, lips so kind
helpless souls in prison of mind
mocking faces & stabbing pain
travelling alone down the memory lane

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Russian Wisdom

Instead of saving world everybody would just think about saving themselves and instead of freeing humanity everybody would just think about freeing themselves, they would do so much more for saving world and freeing humanity