Late Birthday Gifts

I just got late birthday gifts from my team. They gave me 2 DVDs (Gettysburg and Glory) and 1 Book (Grant and Lee). I cant wait to go home and read the book and watch movies. These guys have been too nice and have been making my life easier at work.


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  1. Breakpoint Inside Recursive Mind » Blog Archive » Grant and Lee Says:

    […] Finally, I got to start reading Grand and Lee book that I got as a gift. This is the first book that I am reading related to American Civil War. I have lived in this country for almost 10 years now but never read about Civil War. I am still in Chapter 1 and it mainly talks about how North and South were different. So far, I have always subscribed to the simplistic notion of war being about just slavery. Here is what I don’t get about it. If war was just about slavery and it was in interest in Southern aristocrats to keep it then what were the common rank soldiers in the war fighting for. I cant imagine all of them were aristocrats. Were they fighting for the cause that will essentially let somebody else rule over them? I have not yet got the complete answer to this question yet but book has started talking about how it was more than slavery. Slavery definitly became the fulcrum of this whole war but what more was there to it? Lets see if I can find out. Posted by bombayboy Filed in Books […]

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