Class Divided

Just watched a old Frontline episode “Class Divided“. Amazing story. Teacher Jane Elliot in Riceville, Iowa started a experiment to teach her 3rd standard student on racial descrimination. After Martin Luther King assansination in 1968, She divided her class in “Blue Eyed” and “Brown Eyed”. On the first day, she told them Blue eyed people are superior to brown eyed people and it was amazing how sweet and innocent kids turned into “brown eyed hating” kids. It makes me wonder if HATE is comes just as natually to us as LOVE.

Next day she turned the tables and made Brown eyed kids better. She gave preferential treatment to group of students just for one day and she saw improvement in scores for the people who were told to be superior and other way around. Now if one day can have this impact then, just imagine how much impact will it have if you multiple that with centuries of descrimination.

I loved the film. Great teacher!


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