This time when I was India, I took my nephew to show the parts of Bombay that he has either never been to or rarely seen. We spent almost whole day together going to Gateway of India, Price of Wales Museum etc. These are some of the pictures that we took. Dada gave us a ride going back so some of the pictures are taken from car.

This is Gateway of India. Build for welcoming King George V when he visited India. I have spent many late night hours  here with my friends sitting on the steps that take you to water.

Hotel Tajmahal. Probably one of the first real 5 star hotel in India. When I was growing up, I used to hear stories of how even cup of tea is very expensive here. Still have not had that cup of tea yet here 🙂

Dome of Prince of Wales museum. This building itself is as beautiful as some of the artifacts in this building.

I don’t know the name of this church but the flyover that you see is the longest flyover in Bombay.

Still see bulls pulling  cart full of oil.


One way traffic.

Thane at night


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