In The Line of Fire

Finally I got hold of the book that I wanted to read since it got published but somehow missed it. It is the In the Line of Fire by Pervez Musharraf. Though I have seen movies made in Pakistan, Theatre shows made in Pakistan and off course music from Pakistan, somehow this is the first time I am reading a book from Pakistan.  It is not really surprising because everything I have seen from Pakistan in India must already be pruned and approved for public consumption, so it never addresses the interesting topics.

India-Pakistan topic will come up in this book but I look forward to seeing the world through Mr Musharraf’s eyes who has, according to New York Times, toughest job in the world.


Snow Pictures

I missed the snow in November since I was not here most of November and December. But Snow did not want to miss me so we finally met. Here are some pictures I took today of snow from yesterday and today.



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Back in Redmond

Back in redmond after 2 months of vacation. Will post some india pictures later.