About Bombayboy

Born and brought up in Heptanesia, I currently live in Redmond. Though I work as a software engineer, Here I talk about everything that I find interesting including software. Everything here is my personal opinion and does not represent my employer‘s view in anyway. I reserve right to change my mind about almost everything I say, because I am not smart enough to have ever lasting opinions (yet :)) hence the tag line “Deseprately Seeking Love of Sophie”.

For curious, Sophie (Sophia) is the Godess of Wisdom. The word philosophy (first used by Aristotle?) literally means love of wisdom, otherwise I am happily married with two kids.


4 Responses to “About Bombayboy”

  1. Nandu Says:


    The spelling of software engineer does not have “W” in there. Thot that shud help you.

  2. Diana Koch Says:

    Do you know much more about the godess Sophia. I am just beginning to research her. I know the Orthodox Christians and Catholics have a Saint Sophia who is the patron saint of wisdom. The little I know about the godess is that she represents wisdom. So, if you can send me any links or info, I would appreciate it. thank you.

    P.S. “Everything” and “opinion” are both singular, so no matter which it is that you consider the subject of your sentence, the correct verb is doesn’t not don’t. – just thought you might like to know. 😉

  3. bombayboy Says:

    Thanks Diana, Fixed this one too 🙂

    well whatever i read about sophie was either in context of greek history such as Alexander the great or Gnostic text. I dont know the relation with saint sophia either but if you happen to find it, i will be curious to know. I think Gnostic text is most interesting because they believed knowledge was the key.
    Here are some of the interesting links i found on wikipedia. There are also tonnes of books on gnosticsm. you can find links to some of those in the menu for thought section of this blog too.

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